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Advanced Driving

The Advanced Driving Course is designed for drivers who wish to take their driving to the next level. Monroe Advanced Driving gives you the opportunity to learn life saving vehicle handling skills in a safe and non threatening environment.

What We Cover

  • An in depth analysis of the physical skills; seating, steering, vision, braking, acceleration
  • Advanced vehicle dynamics theory
  • Practical advanced vehicle dynamics
  • Emergency braking for both ABS and non ABS
  • Evasive lane changes
  • Under-steer/ Over-steer exercises

Course Details

  • Participants must be licensed and supply their own vehicle
  • Duration: commences at 09:00 am and concludes at 15:30 pm
  • Price: R1999 per person under 26yrs of age and R2650 per person over 26yrs of age
  • Monroe Shock Absorbers have the aim of creating better drivers on our roads and are therefore subsidising a portion of the course for anyone under 26yrs of age

Defense Driving

The Defensive Driving Course is suitable to all drivers 18 to 80 years and suitable to most vehicles including four wheel drive and light commercial vehicles. Presented in a relaxed environment by qualified, experienced instructors, with a balanced mixture of theory and practical driving exercises. We guarantee that regardless of your driving experience you’ll be amazed at what you will learn and what a great time you will have learning it with us.

What We Cover

  • 3 Hour Lecture
  • On Road Practical
  • Practical driving along pre-selected routes, under the supervision of the instructor
  • Evaluation, corrective training and debriefing of the student will be undertaken

Course Details

  • The candidate must provide their own vehicle or a vehicle they are familiar with.
  • The vehicle must comply with all legal requirements. (Road worthy.)
  • The candidate must be in possession of valid driver’s license.
  • The candidate must be medically fit to drive a vehicle.
  • NB: Do the course and the evaluation and earn your certificate, which should be accepted by most insurance companies for rebate purposes – i.e: Get your money back!
  • Price: R1650 per person

Hi-Jack Prevention

Did you know that nine out of the ten people shot during a hijacking situation are shot because they use the wrong hand to unbuckle their seat belt!!!) This course is a must for woman/men drivers of all types of vehicles, who are all open to the threat of a hijack situation especially when driving in high risk locations and may possibly through knowledge and awareness on the topic save his or her own life in the unfortunate event of one.

What We Cover

  • Why hijacks are on the increase?
  • Types of hijackings
  • Why are vehicles hijacked?
  • Common types of vehicles hijacked
  • Being followed, what to check for
  • Common areas for hijacking
  • Basic Firearm identification
  • What to do if hijacked?
  • Seat Belts removal sequence
  • Reacting and movements
  • Dos and Don’ts

Course Details

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Includes: Breakfast and refreshments
  • Price: R500 per person (Min of 15 pax)